Q. When I double-click on a Audio Link the Audio Player comes up and the Slider Control moves slowly from left to right but I don't hear any sound?
A. When you first open Audio Bible a normal Wave file plays the introduction. If you can hear it, your hardware should be fine. If you cannot hear it, you need to check your volume control.
--- 1. Look for an icon of a speaker on your tool bar, in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Double-click on the speaker icon to load the volume control. Move the volume sliders marked WAVE and VOLUME CONTROL all the way to the top or to a convenient listening level. Also make sure the MUTE BOXES are not checked.
--- 2. If you don't have an icon of a speaker check your sound card manual on how to adjust the volume.
--- 3. Your speakers or sound card may also have a volume control knob. The power button on your speakers may be off, or the batteries may need replacing.

Q. When I double-click on a Audio Link, the Audio Player comes up but the Slider Control stays in one place and never moves also I don't hear any sound?
A. Audio Bible uses DSP Group TrueSpeech ™ technology built into Windows 95 ™. When you install Windows 95 ™, sometimes the proper drivers are not loaded. The drivers may also have become corrupted. You will need the original Windows 95 ™ disk to install these drivers.
--- 1. Click the Start button choose Settings then Control Panel .
--- 2. Double-click the Multimedia icon. Click the Advanced tab.
--- 3. Click the + in front of the Audio Compression CODECS branch to expand it.
--- 4. Click on DSP Group TrueSpeech ™ Software CODEC , and then click Properties . If DSP Group TrueSpeech ™ Software CODEC doesn't exist go to step 7.
--- 5. Click Remove , and then click Yes .
--- 6. Restart your computer.
--- 7. Insert the Windows 95 ™ disk into the drive.
--- 8. Click the Start button, choose Settings then Control Panel . In the Control Panel, double-click Add New Hardware .
--- 9. Click Next , click the white circle next to No , and then click Next .
--- 10. Click Sound, Video, And Game Controllers , and then click Next .
--- 11. Click DSP Group in the Manufacturers box, and then click TrueSpeech ™ Software CODEC in the Models box.
--- 12. Click Next , and then click Finish .
--- 13. Restart your computer and try to play another Verse. If you still have problems try the following:
--- 14. In some cases if you re-install Windows 95 ™ using the custom install , the problem disappears. Be sure to install EVERYTHING , all options, especially all multimedia options and drivers. The Fax and networking options are not necessary, but everything else is.
--- 15. Check with the manufacturer of your sound card, find out if it can play a DSP TrueSpeech ™ file. They may have updated sound card software drivers , that will play DSP TrueSpeech ™ files.

Note: There are some original OEM Windows 95 ™ Disks which will not allow the installation of a generic version of Windows 95 ™. Some computer manufacturers have modified the Windows 95 ™ installation process in such a way that the DSP TrueSpeech ™ drivers are not loaded properly. In other cases the manufacturer has removed the "Setup.exe" program from the Windows 95 ™ disk and you cannot perform a custom install. We are aware of NEC ™ and Packard Bell ™ doing this on some of their setups. There may be other manufacturers doing the same thing. The only suggestion we have, is to check with the manufacturer of your computer about a solution to the problem. We have installed generic versions of Windows 95 ™ on these PC’s and have solved the problem. If all else fails purchase a generic version of Windows 95 ™ and install it on your machine.

Q. Is there an easier way to go to a Verse, than to use the Table of Contents?
A. Yes, here is a Query Template, you can Download.
--- 1. Copy verse.tem to the Scourby Directory.
--- 2. Start Audio Bible.
--- 3. Click Alt-Search then Query Template... then click Open.
--- 4. Double-click verse.tem and click OK
--- 5. This adds the Verse Query Template to your search menu. There is a "Template1" Tool button you can add to your TOOLBELT.
--- 6. Save the changes when exiting Audio Bible.

Note: We used Roman numerals for Books that start with 1,2,3 when searching for "3 John 1:1" type "iii john 1 1".

Q. I am getting an "UNEXPECTED ERROR QUITTIN" message.
A. This is not a problem with Audio Bible, but here is the instructions on how to fix it.
Check out this Microsoft Knowledge Base article.

Q. Can I run Audio Bible under Windows NT.
A. We only support Windows 95 but here is a install that will work with Windows NT 4.0

Technical support is available to registered users of Audio Bible. If you have a question, before contacting us, please read the Manual carefully and check the Online Documentation; most likely you will find the answer to your question.

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