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Audio Bible is fulfilling the great commission given in MARK 16:15 "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." You can now be part of this missionary outreach and reach people all over the world with the unadulterated word of God. If you are interested in sponsoring one chapter of Audio Bible please contact us at Support starts at $20.00 per month for selected chapters. In return for your support we will place a suitable banner or text link at the bottom of the Bible chapter you sponsor with a link back to the website of your choice. (Only suitable websites will be accepted. Audio Bible has the right to refuse any link it does not find appropriate.) Most churches and ministries will be considered. Individuals with appropriate personal websites may apply as well. A page can also be sponsored in memory of a loved one and does not necessarily need to include a link to a website. Anonymous sponsorship can be arranged. We can also include code for a counter, so you can see how many times your chapter has been accessed. There are a limited number of chapters in the Bible, so pick your favorite Bible passage while it is still available!

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